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Application of LUT Deep Groove Ball Bearing in Motor


Deep groove ball bearing is the most common rolling bearing. Its structural features are relatively simple, easy to use, durable, play a lot of functions, the application of technology in various industries is the most common. Next, Lutai Bearing Co., Ltd. will explain in detail its application in motor technology.

Deep groove ball bearing is the most frequently used type of bearing in motor. Its key is to bear the axial load, but when the axial backlash of rolling bearings is enlarged, it has the necessary characteristics of angular contact ball bearings and can bear the radial and radial coordinated load. When the rotating speed is high and the thrust ball bearing is not suitable for selection, it can also be used to bear pure radial load. Deep groove ball bearings can be widely used in motors, mainly because of their quiet performance, and other characteristics, such as low friction, small lubrication pressure and good high-speed performance. Deep groove ball bearings can bear both radial and biaxial loads. They can be used as either floating bearings or fixed bearings. It is possible to use two floating bearings (drive and non-drive) in the motor, but each floating bearing should be pre-tightened axially with a spring to reduce vibration and noise.

There are many kinds of deep groove ball bearings, which can provide products with dust-proof caps and sealing rings at both ends. Among them, iron caps or rubber caps can prevent dust from entering the inner part of the bearings. Bearing balls can be protected by lubricants and seals for life without maintenance.

Application of Rolling Bearing Technology in Motor

Motor is divided into: drive end, non-drive end, bearing chamber, spring, motor shaft, drive end bearing, armature, non-drive end bearing and fan. The following company focuses on recommending the common types of bearings in motors:

Deep groove ball bearing is the most used type of bearing in motor.

Cylindrical roller bearings, NUP and NJ series with an angular ring HJ, can withstand bidirectional axial load, commonly used in traction motors and vibration motors;

Angular contact ball bearings and their applications in vertical motors (V-motors) are more versatile. Angular contact ball bearings can withstand unidirectional axial forces. Two angular contact ball bearings of type X or O can be used in the application of technology where the direction of axial force may change.

Spindle bearings, in some applications of high-speed technology, such as machine tool high-speed motor-rotor shaft is machine tool spindle, common spindle bearings.

Tapered roller bearings, commonly used in some special motors, are subject to relatively large axial forces from gearboxes or other components. At this time, tapered roller bearings are the best choice.

The self-aligning roller bearing is suitable for heavy load condition with high load carrying capacity. It can withstand axial force and high radial force in two directions. The stress distribution is more uniform due to the close fit between rollers and rollers.