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Motor bearing

Motor bearing

After the motor enters the market, there are more problems in the bearing system, some of which are the quality problems of the motor itself, and some of which are the problems of the customer's use and maintenance. Ms. Shen's friend, Brother C, specializes in the maintenance of the motor market. On an occasional occasion, Brother C talked about the disposal experience he gained in the market. Because he thought it was of great practical value, Ms. Zhang immediately recorded it and specially arranged and repaired it and shared it with you.

Bearing Overheating

Bearing overheating problem is the most frequently disposed of on-site by Friend C. There are many kinds of characterization and situations, including:

The reason of bearing oil shortage is either the loss of grease or the long running time of motor and the deterioration of grease.

● too much oil or too thick oil, dirty oil, mixed with particle impurities.

The deflection of shaft and incorrect alignment of transmission assembly result in eccentricity, over-tightening of transmission belt or coupling, resulting in additional unbalanced bending and torsion of bearing and increased friction loss.

Installation accuracy of end cap or bearing is not high, and the fit is too tight or too loose.

The pelvic cavity structure and equipment of flange end cap form a closed space, which can seal the bearing device, and the friction heat can not dissipate, and accumulate continuously, which leads to the overheating of the bearing.

Vibration during motor operation is unavoidable, and grease in bearings may be lost, resulting in dry grinding and heating of bearings until overheating and burning.

The influence of axis current. Because the stator magnetic field of large motors is sometimes unbalanced, induction electromotive force is generated on the axis. The reason of unbalance of magnetic field may be the rust of iron core, the increase of resistance, and the uneven air gap between stator and rotor, which leads to the generation of axial current and the eddy current heating.

In order to prevent eddy current from occurring in motor bearings, an insulating plate is added under the bearing seat at one end of the motor. At the same time, an insulating plate sleeve is added to the bolts, pins, oil pipes and flanges at the bottom of the bearing seat to cut off the eddy current circuit. The best way to solve this problem is to adopt the structure of insulated bearing system. There will be a new section to exchange information on this problem.

Bearing corrosion

There are relatively few bearing corrosion faults in motor operation. Usually due to the insufficient fastening of bearing end cap bolts, the motor enters water during operation and the lubricant fails. If the motor is not running for a long time, the bearing will be corroded because of the continuous erosion of moisture.

Cage loosening

Loose cage easily causes collision and wear between cage and rolling element during operation. Serious cases may cause rivet fracture and deterioration of lubrication conditions, leading to bearing locking.

The main reasons for the failure of the new bearing cage are the defects in material quality, product accuracy and assembly accuracy.

Fatigue Peeling of Bearing Roller

There are many reasons for fatigue peeling of bearing rolling element, such as defects of inner and outer raceway of bearing, excessive clearance of bearing, overuse of bearing, defects of material of bearing itself and so on, which will lead to peeling of rolling element.

Bearing fatigue is also one of the important reasons for bearing fatigue in the process of long-term use. The rolling element rotates and slides continuously in the inner and outer raceways of bearings. The surface of the raceway is uneven due to the defects of the raceway itself. Excessive clearance makes the rolling element bear high frequency and high intensity impact load in motion. Additionally, the material defects of the bearing itself and the excessive use of the bearing will cause the fatigue peeling of the bearing rolling element.